How to compare air compressors

How to compare air compressors

Selecting the best air compressor

When shopping for best air compressor have a lot of different things, you need to compare between them to choose the right one. The basic components of an air compressor is running the compressor motor and compressed air tanks. The strength and size of the compressor is a direct result of the power of the engine and the size of the tank.

The horsepower of the engine

Like the engine in a car, the engine has a horsepower compressors. Naturally, the higher the amount of horsepower, the engine will be more powerful and increasingly use air compressors will be. industrial compressors often have more horsepower, for example, compared to a small air compressor someone can use around the house for things like tires inflated and for use with small air tools.

Amperage of the motor

It is a good idea when you’re looking at the capacity of an air compressor to compare different models and also look at the current intensity evaluation engine. The model with the same amperage should have similar horsepower. If you find a model with a higher horsepower than other models with the same amperage, it could be some inaccuracies and you will want to go with something else.

The pounds per square inch or PSI

This number tells you the pressure that is applied to every square inch of air. The bigger PSI, more powerful compressor. Typically, a diesel air compressor will have a higher PSI because it is a more powerful engine than an electric. So diesel compressors typically used in industrial applications than. Most basic air tool requires a minimum of 90 PSI.

The cubic feet per minute or CFM

This is another measurement is important to note on an air compressor. This measure of the air flow out of the compressor. The most basic tools usually require at least a rated CFM four people, and some basic tools required up to six. CFM higher numbers mean a more powerful air compressor.

The size of the pool

The size of the tank will affect how long the compressor can run. The air tank is measured in gallons like a gas tank. The larger the tank, and the compressor can run. But even a very large tank can run faster, while PSI, CFM and high horsepower because it means that the air comes out of the compressor faster. A compressor with a small tank with large capacity and high PSI will need to be recharged often. That is something to consider when you buy an air compressor, whether it is an electric air compressor or a gas model.

Industrial air compressors, gas, diesel or electric

When choosing an air compressor industry, you can choose between gas, diesel or electricity. Anytime you need a portable compressor, you’ll want one that’s gas or diesel-electric. A compressor can be static electricity, but it will not be as strong as the one with a gasoline-powered engine. is a professional review site for many types of compressors in the market, analyze the models from different brands and offers shopping guide.

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