How To Choose A Nail Gun

A pneumatic nailer take much work or the nail driving and saves you time. With one pull of the trigger of the nail is set equal to or below the surface of the work. Nail gun allows for one handed operation that freed up the other for job placement. A nailer can get into tight or awkward position where it would be almost impossible to rotate a hammer. There are nailers for interior decoration, crown molding, chair rail, craft projects, woodworking, framing, building a deck or roofing. There are many specialty nailers are designed for specific tasks.

nail gun


Brad nailer is used to cut small, interior molding, baseboards, walls, crafts and to cabinet.

Different models support different lengths of nail between 5/8 “and 2” in length.


Used for decorative work, interior molding, baseboards, walls and small crown.

It can fire nails up to 2 1/2 “long. Even though they can fire a longer nail than a 18g nailer they also leave a bigger hole.


Used for frames, casings, wood siding, fence building, carpentry.

The nails have two kinds. First cut short and round head. These nailers cutting head can hold many nail but not allowed into the territory. Round nailers nail hold less but not limited by some building codes. Often manufacturers will build a larger magazine to fit round the nail head and not sacrifice on power but gunfire could a little bigger.


Used to build furniture, small burrs and impressive pieces while glue dries.

The legs can go up to 2 “or longer but nailers that support very long lengths are very expensive. A typical pin nailer support up to 1 1/2 nail” long.

Nail Gun Maintenance

Most pneumatic nail gun should be lubricated. You mention a tanker in line. This option might not come with your kit. They can be added to facilitate the automatic oiling of your tools. The disadvantage is that you have oil in your pipe that is really bad if you’re using a compressor to spray paint. Most people will often simply add a few drops of oil in the inlet air tools before using this tool.


Be sure to read the following all the instructions that came with your kit. Safety glasses are a must.

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