My Favorite Gun Tools

We are constantly responding to emails and comments on the gun tools and started with woodworking. Ashley and I will share lots of tips and video tutorials in the coming months on how to use the tools we love!
Today, we’re sharing tools are our favorite with you. Many of you want to know what you need to get started. Today’s article is just for you!

These are the tools that we suggest. We use them on a daily basis almost, and love them!

Saw what do we use?

If you are looking to build furniture, we absolutely recommend that you invest in a hat sliding compound saw. This is a bit expensive, but such a large investment! We have provided the entire house we saw our use, and I promised them that easy to use!

Dewalt Miter Saw 12-Inch

For those of you looking for a saw to make simple crafts, we suggest a small hand saw like this. This is what I started with! I still pull it out occasionally for small projects. It’s great for a lot of the projects we’ve done on our website!

It was a girl drop stuffer! Come on … you’ll thank me! This is a “craft” perfect’ve seen, and you will be shocked to see how many projects you can do with it!

Favorite Drill

A drill like a hot glue gun tools. You’ll use it ALL the time. These are exercises that both Ash and I use it and we love it. It’s lightweight and the battery lasts a very long time!

Each large drill requires a series of drills! I have LOTS of sets. I use all the time! This is a wonderful collection below.

Brad nailer

The easy way is one of the tools of our favorite! So easy to use! Ashley uses Ryobi’s brad nailer that uses similar battery as her drill and loves it. Besides you can refer some best brad nailer as DEWALT DWFP12231, Hitachi NT50AE2, DEWALT DC608K, WEN 61720 …

Brad nailer gun tools

Kreg Jig

Obviously, one of the engines of our very favorite is Kreg Jig! This tool is the best thing ever! If you are serious about wanting to build furniture as we do, we recommend this tool TOTALLY!
We are running a promo on their great ToolBox HERE!
If the whole kit is out of your budget, you can also buy Kreg Jig same below!


This tool is not one, but saves a lot of time and work. I use mine on a ton of craft projects. I want to go around the edge of me when I make the image blocks and other small craft. This will take care of it fast! It’s also great to build furniture!
I like an electric sander on a powder sander. This is the one I have and love!

Staple Gun Tools

Ash and I love crafting with our staple gun!
It is cheap, and will get as much use as your hot glue gun.

My list is short! You really can do a lot with a small investment of tools. We know many of you know they’re threatened. We are here to prove the opposite! We have set our goal to prove to you that these tools are not scary or difficult to use. Build your own furniture is easier than assembling prefabricated furniture from big box stores!

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