Senco 5N0001N Finish Nailer

The Senco 5N0001N Fusion Finish Nailer is one of the very few were using Fusion technologies. It is not only equipped with the convenience and power of a pneumatic tool, but it is extremely convenient at the same time, because it is a wireless tool. The 5N0001N Fusion Finish Nailer Reviews reflex design with a single-shot gives the user the ability to make shots immediately without having to worry about the ramp-up time. The nail gun is perfect for remodelers, side trim and just about anyone who does not want to deal with the complexities associated with a compressor and hoses.

Senco 5N0001N Finish Nailer

Senco 5N0001N Fusion Finisher Nailer Specifications

• Nail Gun Applications: Woodworking, play panels, Shells & Finish
• Power supply: 18V Li-Ion Battery
• Nail Gun Type: Pneumatic
• Weight: 6.2 lbs
• Length: 13 “(330 mm)
• Width: 3 “(76 mm)
• Height: 13 “(330 mm)
• Nail Types: Fasteners
• Weight: 110

Senco 5N0001N Fusion Finish Nailer Review

The Senco 5N0001N nail gun is a powerful tool to say the least. It offers great value for your money and will exceed your expectations every time. Although it will not look at the first lot, who made them have a lot to offer and will make your job easier than it ever could have been before. The nail gun is based on a simple idea to use some advanced features that you may have gone through. It is perfect for sheets, wood, shells and even complete your home.
What to Expect from the Senco 5N0001N

Compared to its size, it performs exceptionally well. Batteries tend to last for a long time before finally giving way. However, this does not necessarily mean that you are left out to dry nails once the battery is completely discharged. Consider, the accessories offered for Senco 5N0001N, it’s not surprising that you can purchase additional batteries to get things done without having to wait for it to recharge. But then again, it does not take much time to recharge or. Fifteen minutes of charge value is more than enough to get you through the rest of the day. However, this largely depends on the nature of work in the first place.

There are times when the nail gun will not countersink hardware when working with wood, but depending on how it is used, the results may vary. Rest assured, the Senco 5N0001N is easy to use, but it will take some time before you get used to it and its features. A lot of people will appreciate the fact that they will not require a compressor to get the job done.

5N0001N Cons

There is very much appreciated with a nail gun, but there have been cases where the nails are mostly stuck in the magazine, which ended in dry firing. In such cases, the individual is recommended to spray the nail with Teflon dry lube.

Many people can not find the second third key because it will hinder their momentum. Unfortunately, the feature can not be disabled. In addition, we need to export those placed in the exact location 90 ° for it to work.

Is this Senco Fusion Finish Nailer Worth the Cost?

While working with the nailer, you will realize that it has a balance is to go along with it. It not only feels natural, but it is not comfortable like most other nail guns are available. What’s really interesting is that it comes with a “dry fire lock-out ‘unique features, which is unprecedented for nail guns on the market.

Upon closer inspection, you’ll realize the nail gun is designed brilliantly. It gives users the best of both worlds, because it is wired as well. Belongs to a new range of Fusion nailers, nails and extremely convenient guns should not be set for it to be ready for use. But that’s not all, because unlike other nail gun, it does not require gas, or, which in turn significantly cut costs of running the tool. But most importantly, you’ll never have to worry about cleaning up the residue left behind by air.

designed its patented ensure users get proper grip while you work, do not have design flaws or flywheel. Rest assured, it is the perfect nail guns with very few downsides completely.

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